When will these apartments be available?

The apartments will be available from September 2020.

What deposit is needed?

The tenant is required to pay a deposit of five weeks rent.

What is my security deposit for?

Your security deposit is to cover any damage to furniture and internal items in your flat and any cleaning charges after your tenancy ends.

What are utilities and how are they paid for?

Utilities include water, electricity and gas. These need to be set up by a provider by the tenancy for the full length of lease unless you are on an all-inclusive tenancy agreement.

I want make some changes to my apartment decor. How far can I go?

Please notify the building management of any charges before making them as landlord permission is required.

Are pets allowed?

Sorry, pets are not allowed.

Can I sublet my apartment, is this allowed?

Sorry, you cannot sublet your apartment.

When is a landlord allowed to enter my home?

The landlord is only allowed to enter the premise in the case of an emergency or if 24 hour’s notice has been given for access.